Pet Services

Park Centre Vets offers a wide range of veterinary services for pets in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive Physical Exams As with your own health, the key to maintaining your pet’s health is in preventative medicine. Working to identify risk factors for illness and taking appropriate measures to address them is more effective than waiting until an illness develops to take action. There are many aspects of a preventative approach to our animal’s health care. The most basic – and perhaps most important – of these is regular physical exams to identify early signs of illness. An immunization program appropriate to your pet’s lifestyle and needs is another. Providing an appropriate diet, maintaining a healthy weight and preventative home dental care will also help to prevent many common health problems.
  • Parasite Control One area of pet health that is frequently neglected is parasite control. Many common parasites go unseen by pet owners or are considered a minor or inconsequential problem. However, the impact that parasites have on an animal’s health can be considerable. Parasites stress the animal’s entire system and can make it vulnerable to other ailments. Recent advances in parasite control allow us to minimize, or even eliminate, our pet’s risk of common internal and external parasite infections.
  • Dental Care As plaque and tartar form on teeth and under gums, bacteria collect and multiply. This creates a state of poor dental hygiene that causes foul mouth odor and is cause for concern. Eventually gum disease will develop. More serious health problems, such as heart and kidney disease, may follow. Periodic dental prophylaxis (ultrasonic cleaning, polishing and fluoride treatment) included in your pet’s regular health care program will help maintain good oral hygiene and prevent complications.
  • Dietary Planning A sound diet is vital to the health of your pet at any age. Our staff can discuss the dietary requirements essential for proper weight maintenance, performance, growth, and as an aid in the treatment of some diseases at every stage of life.
  • Puppy and Kitten Care Making the big decision to adopt a puppy or kitten deserves some research. What is a proper diet? What vaccinations are needed? How will you prevent illness? What training programs are indicated. Should you spay or neuter? The best all-around source of information for pets and their care is your veterinarian. He or she will help you narrow your choices to a few breeds, personality types and an age group to fit your life style. Your veterinarian will also help you to organize a supply list – things you will need before the pet enters your household.
  • Senior Care As your pet ages, nutritional needs and physical abilities change. Subtle, sometimes undetected, changes begin to occur. Your aging pet may become more susceptible to cancer, kidney disease, heart problems, pancreatic disease, and hormonal imbalances such as thyroid conditions or diabetes. Dental disease may occur and predispose your pet to a host of other problems. Arthritic conditions cause pain and immobility and change the way your pet is able to interact in the family. Behavior changes and unexpected bad habits such as house soiling can suddenly make your beloved friend a difficult housemate. The good news is that early detection and treatment can often add years to your pet’s life. Current tests frequently detect disease before symptoms are even apparent.
  • Boarding We provide Veterinary Supervised boarding facilities for both cats and dogs. All boarders enjoy clean, bright comfortable surroundings. Like all pets under our care, our staff treats our boarders as they do their own pets.
  • Convenience We fully understand that you maintain a busy schedule. To help accommodate you we are open 7 Days a week, and until 8:00pm on Thursday evenings. Drop-offs can be arranged. Call us for a appointment time that is convenient for you.

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